Ox tools up with MixM8 and ratchet copper pipe cutters

Ox Tools has two new tools for the market - the MixM8 mixing tool and new ratchet copper pipe cutters - with both now in stock for customers.

Ox's MixM8 is pitched as the best mixing paddle you'll have ever used. The firm guarantees a faster mix even with a cordless drill (18V min) and guaranteed less effort and smoother final mix. The long life item is easy to clean and provides edge-to-edge mixing, with no need to stop and stir, we're told. There's no need to "chase the mix 'round the bucket" - hold the MixM8 in the centre of the bucket and the blades do the work.

Ox's MixM8 in the 10mm Shaft version is used with a standard cordless drill (18V min) so there's no need for power on site when mixing. It's available with a 14mm threaded end for a two-handed mixer.

Next up, the new ratchet copper pipe cutters come in 15 and 22mm options, featuring an internal cutting mechanism with an ergonomic surround that fits comfortably in the hand.

Find out more via sales@oxgroup.co.uk