FOCUS: New products, demos & merchandisers from Owlett-Jaton at Torque-Expo 2024

Torque-Expo 2024 will see some of the biggest names in the industry exhibit, including Owlett-Jaton, one of the UK and Ireland's leading wholesale supplier of fasteners, fixings, and associated products to the distributor and merchant trade.

Owlett-Jaton has passed us details of some of the highlights it will be exhibiting at the show: 


Owlett-Jaton offers a choice of branded merchandisers to their customers, available in a range of sizes and configurations. Branded POS options include JCP Fixings, JRP Rivets, Thunderbolt all-purpose metal fixings, Unifix, and Vortex high-performance woodscrews. All of these brands are available in a range of packaging styles, all designed to complement the retail environment. Beyond these, they also offer over thirty industry brands.

Merchandiser height options include 1.4M and 2.2M, and are available as fully perforated, partially perforated and plain, and fully plain; these designs offer a choice as to what type of layout best suits.

The merchandisers are supported by a range of equipment, including magnetic branded header and footer boards, designed to display products clearly, as well as help navigation. ‘Bus stop’ boards complement the ends of the merchandisers with striking colours and useful information. ‘Info boards’ are also available, adding extra brand information. Clear signage and labelling make it quick and easy for the consumer to find what they are looking for.


Vortex® screws are recognised in the industry for their premium quality and tailored product features. Technical advancements combine to provide users with versatility and assurance in almost any application.

Original Vortex screws are high-performance screws which will easily power through hardwood, softwood, plywood, chipboard, MDF, uPVC and thin sheet metal. The high-quality zinc and yellow plating offers corrosion resistance, whilst the Gleitmo dry lubrication allows for easier driving.

Vortex TX - The same technologically advanced screw as the original Vortex screw, but with a TX Drive, which helps reduce cam-out, offering more grip, a better drive and quicker installation. Suitable for use in the same range of materials.

Vortex Exterior screws are designed to be used in hardwood and softwood this exterior screw is ideal for a range of external applications, including decking, roofing, and fencing. Increased corrosion resistance is achieved with a Magsho Silver Organic coating and is rated at a 1000-hour salt spray test. It is also ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) timber resistant.


NEW - Vortex Floorboard screws are ideal for fast and secure installation of flooring, and to eliminate squeaks. The double-countersunk head gives a flush finish and provides greater strength. Sharp, under head milling ribs countersink the surface, saving time. The two-thread pattern design removes the risk of jacking and offers a superior hold. The dual thread produces ultimate performance. The zinc and yellow plated finish offers corrosion resistance, whilst the Gleitmo dry lubricant makes driving the screw in, easier. The screws have a 25-degree point, enabling an instant start and rapid insertion.

NEW - Vortex tongue and groove screws are a specialised screw, designed to offer a secure and hidden fixing in tongue and groove installations. The TX drive reduces cam-out, offers more grip, a better drive, and greater torque. The countersunk head provides a secure and hidden fixing. The dual thread provides ultimate performance. The zinc and yellow plated finishes offers resistance to corrosion, whilst the Gleitmo dry lubricant makes driving the screw in, easier. The screws have a 34-degree point, enabling an instant start and rapid insertion.

Merchandiser includes:

  • ‘Original’ Vortex screws in boxes and tubs
  • Vortex ‘TX’ screws in boxes
  • Vortex Exterior screws in tubs
  • NEW - longer lengths of ‘original’ Vortex screws in boxes - M6 x 220 & 240mm
  • NEW - Vortex tongue and groove screws in boxes
  • NEW  - Vortex floorboard screws in boxes


JRP (Jaton Riveting Products) offers an extensive range of premium quality blind rivets, rivet nuts and setting tools that will meet the needs of the most demanding fastening requirements.

Comprising over 1,150 lines, the range has been developed with customer needs at the forefront assuring the most popular types and sizes are in stock ready for next-day free delivery.

The dedicated riveting range from Owlett-Jaton offers a wide range of products for use within multiple industries. Underpinned by quality, reliability and technical support the range is produced from durable, high-quality materials to meet the exacting needs of the application.

Offering versatile fastening solutions, JRP rivets and rivet nuts are the perfect solution for joining together two, or more pieces of the same or different materials.

The range also includes the most suitable installation hand tools for the range. Portable, durable, and easy to use, JRP riveting tools can set the rivets and rivet nuts within the range.

Merchandiser includes:

  • JRP rivets in boxes and retail bags
  • JRP rivet nuts in boxes
  • JRP battery-operated tools
  • JRP hand tools


Established in 1963, Unifix is a strong and recognised brand which has been embraced by the market. Trusted by tradesmen for over 50 years, Unifix has built up a considerable reputation for quality and reliability.

With a rich history in the fastener and fixing market, Unifix continues to be a popular choice for many merchants and distributors servicing a wide variety of trades.

Merchandiser includes:

  • 6 most popular sizes of 1M BZP mild steel studding
  • 20 types of studding-affiliated products including an assortment of nuts and washers in retail bags


Eye-catching design and livery, to help maximise product visibility and increase brand awareness, and ultimately encourage customers to purchase. One of a family of FSDUs from Owlett-Jaton; others include: JCP Fixings, JRP Rivets, Thunderbolt, and Vortex. The POS material for each brand highlights the respective salient points, whilst taking up minimal space.  The small footprint of the FSDUs is designed to complement any retail environment. The FSDU is quick and easy to construct and comes complete with fixings and assembly instructions.


Live demonstrations of JRP rivets and rivet nuts being applied, using the JRP battery-operated tools. Visitors can come and watch our rivet expert, Warren Keeley, and ask anything about our product offering.

Connecting the fastener, fixing, tool and related industries for one day, Torque-Expo 2024 runs at the Telford International Centre for an expo show and networking event. 

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