Fioriv the flower-shaped rivet

Designed by Rivit to fasten soft and composite materials, Fioriv is a rivet solution for secure and long-lasting fastenings thanks to its four pressure points.

Fioriv is the rivet with the characteristic flower shape, given by the four notches placed under the head of the mandrel that, in the pulling phase, cut and deform the rivet body creating four pressure points. As such, Fioriv adapts to different types of surfaces, even those that require minimal clamping pressure such as non-metallic materials, fiberglass, plastic products and drywall, ensuring their fastening without damaging them.

The Fioriv rivets come in different solutions in not only length and diameter but also materials and conformations. Fioriv is also available in aluminium or copper, and with round or large head.

Completing the range of Fioriv, an extra-long version is available up to 250mm, 4.8 and 6.4 diameters; this type of rivet is mainly used to fasten external wall claddings and shaped insulating panels, but also to neutralize the harmfulness of old asbestos and asbestos-cement roofing during their encapsulation and "making safe" works.

The special length of the rivet allows it to be used on thick surfaces, thus replacing the use of special roofing screws or mushroom plugs.