Rami Yokota adds NovaTork torque wrenches to its range

Rami Yokota BV is to bring a new product line to its range of assembly tools, NovaTork.

Specialised in torque wrenches, NovaTork develops and produces a wide range to help users ensure productivity and quality, while being easy and precise to adjust.

Rami Yokota already distributes the brands Yokota, Toku and own private label Red Rooster. To round out its offering, Rami Yokota added impact sockets and chisels from Action to its wide range of tools, now followed by NovaTork.

The NovaTork range includes:

Digital assembly wrenches

The assembly wrenches are digitally adjustable by torque and angular rotation. This ensures the bolted connection is tightened correctly.

Pre-set assembly wrenches

Industrial preset torque wrenches are set to a pre-determined torque. The operator cannot change it, so the torque is guaranteed to remain as you have set it.

Click torque wrenches / Assembly screwdrivers

Designed for torque application when assembling bolts, these wrenches are equipped with a fixed ratchet head or as an insert spanner for optimum flexibility. It’s also available in a screwdriver version.

Dial torque wrenches

Regularly you need to check your finished product or adjust machines. To do this, you use a measuring torque wrench that indicates how much torque a bolt is mounted with.

Insert tools

In addition, NovaTork offers a variety of insert tools, for example with square drive open end, in angle or with rectangular shank head torque wrenches.

Based in the Netherlands, Rami Yokota distributes tools throughout Europe. Find out more at www.rami-yokota.com