Fixing suppliers and brands reveal further price increases

Rawlplug is among the fixing and fastener suppliers to reveal further price rises for customers, with rises ranging from 6% to 20% in the latest tranche of increases.

In a letter sent to customers, seen by Torque Magazine, Rawlplug thanked customers for their support and went on to outline the continued price pressures being inflicted across the whole market.

Quoting “challenging times”, the firm notes raw material prices and logistics costs. The availability of plastic, steel and other key materials were also pinpointed as directly affecting product pricing.

Clearly, Rawlplug is just one of many companies in the fixing and fastener industry (and beyond) that are contending with price challenges and reluctantly passing them on to customers.

Pricing data monitored by found the average price of building materials and home improvement supplies to have increased by more than 10% between March and June. 

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