Building materials up 10% last quarter

The average price of building materials and home improvement supplies increased by more than 10% between March and June, according to pricing data monitored by

The biggest jump in retail prices was in wooden cladding, which was up 15% from the previous quarter. Wall and floor tiles increased by an average of 14% (and as much as 30% for some product lines) across products that monitors. 

Other materials that surged during the period included sawn timber (13%), Vinyl flooring (10%), and garden-related items – such as outdoor furniture, paving stones, and some hand tools (6% to 10%).

“Builders and home-improvement hobbyists in the UK have not been spared the impact of inflation, supply-chain challenges, and other causes of consumer price hikes,” said Luke Polach, Buildiro founder and CEO. “For an industry with razor-thin margins, every price hike, no matter how small, makes it that much harder to do business.”

It wasn’t all bad news, however. Some of the categories the tracks saw prices stay level or decrease. For instance, sheet materials, such as OSB boards, dropped by 6% during the monitoring period, while power tools remained stable.