INDUSTRY Q&A: Andy Mills, FEIN Industrial Power Tools

This Industry Q&A sees Torque shoot quick-fire questions at Andy Mills, National Sales Manager for metal working power tool specialist FEIN Industrial Power Tools... 

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the power tool industry for 13 years.

What was your first job in the industry/how did you get started?
I started in a sales support role, helping the sales guys for Hitachi (now HiKOKI) Power Tools. I knew pretty quickly that I enjoyed working within the team, and helping to get the machines sold out. I also really enjoyed meeting the tradespeople when supporting local events, or dealing with enquiries.

What roles have you had throughout your career?
I served over four years with HiKoKi, supporting the sales force for 18 months, before being given my own territory in South Central England. I really enjoyed the work, being on the tools, working with the trade, and forming relationships with my customers, many of which I still have today. I then had the opportunity to cross over to FEIN Power Tools, to serve a larger area, and to work in both the construction and industrial industries. I really liked the brand, with its heritage as the inventor of power tools, the quality of the tools interesting me greatly. Less than four years later, I was promoted to my current role of National Sales Manager, overseeing all of our internal/external sales in the UK.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career?
My father. He is a self‐made man, who built a strong career in sales, before starting up his own business. He is now the top cheese, literally manufacturing and selling cheese to many of the big supermarkets and national distributers. Seeing how much he achieved, and of course, the perks (fast, flashy cars) I was incentivised early to work hard and focus on my dreams.

What’s the best thing about working in the industry?
What is better than selling power tools? For me this is a very special and unique industry to work in, very relaxed and fun. I love working with the end‐users, who have so many different and exciting projects, application problems and needs, which I get to influence and solve through the company every day. I like working with so many different types of customers, the big accounts where we get to support numerous end‐users, but also the vast network of independent businesses that we have worked with for decades. It’s a special feeling being a part of so many businesses development, and to support them to grow.

What are you working on now?
Customers know us for our MultiMaster, for our blades and for our construction tools, but what is less known by the community is that FEIN is and always has been a metal working specialist. I am currently working with my team to do more in the metal working sector, with a focus on being out with community members, understanding and solving their application needs. We have a large range of cordless products to support them already, but their thoughts are really important to us, and will shape what we offer in the coming years.

How can the industry get in touch?
Our lines are always open to have a chat within office hours, or we are usually available to chat on Instagram, twitter or Facebook. Our number is 01327 308730 or we can be emailed on info@fein‐

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