FEIN launches magnetic clamping solution

FEIN has launched its first expandable clamping solution, the VersaMAG system, to the UK’s metalworking market. The modular system, centred around a powerful magnet, features a range of attachments which can be interchanged for use in endless applications.

The VersaMAG, a neodymium magnet, forms the foundation of the clamping solution. Its innovative 2-rotor system generates a maximum holding force of 7800N, allowing end users to clamp securely onto all magnetic surfaces - as thin as 4mm. As a result, the system will enable users to complete tasks safely and efficiently across a huge range of work environments, such as shipyards, aircraft manufacturing facilities and steel and fabrication shops.

The clamping system’s powerful magnetic base also eliminates the requirements to manoeuvre rigid worktop vices or materials to safely secure it while operating tools. This significantly reduces the required set-up time across many applications, increasing productivity for those working across metal and steel construction, machinery and plant engineering and many more.

As well as the magnetic base, the system also consists of several attachments, each designed to support end-user requirements. The VersaMAG vice is easily mounted onto the magnet for quick and flexible use. The mobile aspect of the vice also allows for easy removal, creating extra workspace when not required for a task. For use with larger components, FEIN also offers 60mm raising jaws to be attached to the mobile vice.

In addition to the vice and jaws, FEIN has developed a 16mm Welding Plate for use with the magnetic base. Featuring a hole grid system, the welding plate enables simple and precise alignment of workpieces and its small and compact design makes it ideal for stationary and mobile use.

“As well as offering increased productivity and flexibility, the VersaMAG system expands our portfolio of safety solutions.  We know from speaking directly to users that a lack of flexible vice options has historically led to frustration and safety risks, where material cannot be secured properly or operators have felt forced to use their hand, leaving only one hand free for tool operation. We are proud to be solving this issue with our new easy-to-use magnetic clamping system. The VersaMAG joins our growing collection of safety-led solutions, which also features recent launches including our high-safety angle grinder, the Protago, which pairs perfectly for a safer standard of grinding.” comments Andy Mills, Managing Director, FEIN UK. “The launch of the VersaMAG marks FEIN’s first steps into the world of clamping technology, and we are already planning for its expansion, with action underway to offer our customers even more attachments for use in different application areas.”