Portugese metal clamp firm Lifial has been acquired by NORMA

NORMA Group has bought Lifial, a metal clamp manufacturer based in Águeda, Portugal.

Lifial has been in business for 28 years and serves the industry and agriculture sectors. Its product portfolio includes heavy duty clamps, pipe supporting clamps, and U-bolt clamps for mounting antennas and solar modules.

Annual turnover for Lifial was approximately €8 million in 2015. With around 100 employees, key markets for Lifial, sold through distributors, include Europe and North Africa.

“Lifial has grown profitably over the last few years," said Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. "With the acquisition, we are strengthening our product offering in the Distribution Services business and our market position on the Iberian Peninsula and across Europe. We are also adding new customers in North Africa through the acquisition."

The Distribution Services business area of NORMA Group comprises high-quality, standardised joining products for different fields of application. These products are sold through various distribution channels under the brands NORMA, ABA, Breeze, CONNECTORS, NDS, Serflex, Terry, Torca or Gemi.

There's more on Lifial (Indústria Metalúrgica de Águeda, Lda) here.

NORMA recently completed its acquisition of Autoline, which is expected to generate global sales of around €40 million for fiscal year 2017.