Index launches new general catalogue

The company INDEX A Perfect Fixing has launched its new general catalogue with over 7,000 products, news and new type approvals and certifications.

INDEX's accessories for cables and chains (made from steel or stainless steel) are designed to safely hold heavy loads and can withstand adverse weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor applications.
They are mainly used to fix, support and protect steel cables, visible cables, ropes and chains. Within this category, INDEX has expanded its range of accessories with various functions such as cable clamps for connections between cables; eye bolts, perfect for lifting objects under tension; shacklebolts for attaching chains and restraining a load; or thimbles, ideal for protecting cables effectively.

To their current range of installation and fitting systems for solar panels, the company has added new measures and solutions, such as clamp assemblies, connectors, profiles, accessories and kits.

The company offers customers kits of 2 or 3 panels for different panel supports (coplanar and triangular). If more panels are needed, there are expansion kits that enable installation without incurring unnecessary costs. The kits contain everything needed to expand the installation but allow the removal of unnecessary products (duplicate clamp assemblies), therefore saving on costs and avoiding waste.

Other new models have been added to the range, including concrete anchors for high loads (MTH-AT and MTP-AT), an A4 TXE bi-metal stainless steel screw and the TN4S-A 4-segment nylon wall plug with wide collar.

The catalogue can be downloaded and discover all the latest additions from the website.