Big Wipes goes Quad

The new Abrasive Quad Fabric from Big Wipes is claimed to grip 40% more grime with every wipe, helping the user to mop up even the toughest dirt in the quickest time.


The 4x4 range of industrial strength wipes, containing four cleaning agents and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners, was launched in 2014; now the 4x4 formula is being combined with new Big Wipes Heavy-Duty Quad Fabric.


The Quad Fabric wipes have increased strength and greater absorbency, with an abrasive surface to drives the cleaning formula deep into the dirt, and a smooth face with an absorbency of 7.93 gr/gr, which equates to a fabric absorbing quality of almost 800%. The wipe is designed to soak up and trap dirt in the wipe, leaving  hands, tools and surfaces cleaner than ever.


Fibres of different denier grades are mixed in the layers: finer deniers for greater density and higher tensile strength, heavier deniers to break the smoothness and provide a rougher surface. The new abrasive wipes are designed to be kind to hands and the environment, with no chemicals or preservatives added and the fabric is made from pure polymer, which is 100% recyclable.