Sprays, wipes & cleaners: A Perry, Action Can and Swarfega

From wipes to sprays aimed at engineers and serious professionals, there's plenty of janitorial supplies worth getting hold of to keep jobs running smooth and clean.

Tackling stubborn stains from surfaces and cleaning hands, A Perry premium wipes can handle virtually all kinds of grease and grime. They come in easy dispense tubs of 100 wipes.

Swarfega also has a wealth of cleaning products available, including a handy van cradle starter pack, ideal for any tradesperson operating out of a vehicle.

Action Can's 7-strong Twin-Spray range is not only a versatile range for engineers and professionals, but also a significant cross selling opportunity for trade counters, with one big name distributor reportedly seeing sales increase 300% over two months thanks to a particular POS option.

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