HB42 launches new POS trade stand

HB42 has unveiled its new eye-catching Point of Sale (POS) trade stand for merchants, designed to showcase the HB42 range offering a 50% profit margin for dealers.

The HB42 range was launched back in 2013 to meet increased demand from builders, plumbers and decorators' merchants to supply a high-end trade brand of sealants which offered clear branding, sensible pricing and good margins for merchants.

HB42 utilises advanced hybrid polymer technology within the range of products.

The new POS stand include the range's best-selling All-In-One Sealant which sticks and fills, is flexible up to 230% and works in the wet. The sealant doesn't shrink and can be overpainted, while being low in VOCs, food safe and fully cures within 24 hours.

The stand also includes the 'ultra smooth' Ultimate Wood Filler which once dry is stainable, the Ultimate Solvent to clean and remove stubborn deposits, and Le Filla which gives a quick, hard finish.

HB42 has over 170 years of trade experience, and is a company designed for merchants with a central distribution centre and 48 hour delivery. The firm has multiple POS options and marketing support, with a focus on offering merchants good margins.