Lederer switches to green electricity

Lederer GmbH has been using 100% green electricity since January 2020.

The fastener supplier said: “We want to live up to our ecological and economic responsibility as a major consumer of electrical energy and make a further contribution to climate and  environmental protection. With an annual consumption of around 1 million kWh, almost 400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided.

“In contrast to many other providers, who always supply coal and nuclear power in addition to the statutory minimum share of green electricity, our new partner, LichtBlick SE from Hamburg, actually provides us with 100% green electricity. With Germany's largest provider of renewable energy, we are one of many thousands of companies that are actively involved in the energy revolution.”

Lederer, a specialist in stainless fasteners and standard parts as well as efficient C-parts management, is this year celebrating its 50th year in the fastener business.


This article was originally published in the June 2020 edition of Torque Magazine, as part of a Fastener Distribution special. Read a copy online today.