DIY/home improvement market rises 1.1% to €594 billion

The home improvement and DIY market value has grown again, according to the latest Global Home Improvement Report from EDRA/GHIN & fediyma.

Charting a rise of 1.1% to €594 billion, North America and Europe continue to dominate the sector, representing 87% of that market (€516 billion), despite their joint population accounting for just 17% of the world. That dominance has been the case for at least a number of years (it was 86% in 2015).

Following that theme, the report found that 91% of the global DIY market (€482 billion) is concentrated in only eight countries: USA, Germany, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Australia and Italy. Once again, that's been a common finding through these reports.

Drilling further down into the stats, the report noted that Germany, France and the UK represent 50% of the continent's market. Meanwhile, the USA has the highest average DIY expenditure per capita at €932 (in 2018).

The top 10 major DIY retailers were listed as:

  • Home Depot (USA)
  • Lowe's (USA)
  • ADEOP (France,
  • Kingfisher (UK)
  • Menards (US)
  • Bunnings (Australia)
  • OBI (Germany)
  • Bauhaus (Germany)
  • Sodimac (Chile)
  • Ace Hardware (USA)

Home Depot and Lowe's account for a staggering 25% of the global market share. Home Depot's latest financial statement revealed an upwards trend in sales, though noted the incoming effects of US tariffs on China.

For more details on the global DIY market value and more, EDRA/GHIN & fediyma's Global Home Improvement Report 2019 is available to purchase for €890. Contact for further details.

The Global DIY Summit (which is next year heading to Amsterdam) attracts delegates from around the world and has also been keen to glean data from its attendees. Last year's summit revealed that most delegates believed that the DIY market will continue to be slow to shift to online sales. 21% said that online sales shares in DIY in five years will be less than 10%, while just over a quarter predicted online sales will represent between 10-15% in that time range.