LUSAN: Star products and packing projects

LUSAN Fijaciones y Anclajes is a manufacturer and distributor with a wide range of products and a consolidated brand within the fixings sector.

The company’s star product is the Fixbolt, a sleeve anchor which has CE approval. LUSAN’s range also includes many other products and the firm is highly competitive in chemical anchors, nylon fixings and lifting elements.

Featuring in LUSAN’s company logo, leading product Fixbolt is manufactured in-house. It’s an easy application sleeve anchor which does not require professional experience to use: “This product has an excellent quality/price relationship and it’s a top seller in our national and international market. We offer different ranges of this product with different homologations.”

Aside from product, LUSAN can adapt to the needs of its clients with an export department that is specialised in a number of relevant areas and highly capable of solving customer challenges and queries. LUSAN also holds an ISO 9001 certificate which validates its quality in terms of products, internal processes and service.

The blister pack service is something that LUSAN has offered to customers for almost two decades: “We can proudly say that our blister packs project has been and still is a success. The aim was to create a fashionable and attractive presentation for products in a medium and small format. Its design is divided by different colours to help identify and visualise the products more efficiently. We also have a bulk Mix Fix dispenser and self service where clients can create their own mix of the products.”

The blister pack service has recently been revamped: “In 2018, we started using a more modern format which has a nice visual impact. We realised there was an existing demand for this kind of format but also a lack of available options on the market for customers. It’s an elegant and simple way to present the product and it has been more successful than we initially expected. The clients love it and we feel proud to be able to offer it. The blisters have proved to be really attractive, practical and easy to sell to the final consumer.”


2021 was difficult in terms of price rises, the firm says: “We keep facing important challenges of storage shortage and price rises. Demand and availability have been really tight. At LUSAN we keep working to soften the impact as much as possible for our clients. Our large stocks and the daily arrivals of new material keep everything going, always providing the optimum quality in product and service.

“We’ve had rising costs and have been forced to absorb the impact of these on many occasions in the last year, however we are still very competitive within our sector.”

LUSAN’s home turf of Spain is its main market and the firm has many clients in European countries including Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Swiss, Ireland and more. Further afield, clients in Africa and South America also make use of LUSAN’s products and services.

The firm tells Torque Magazine: “We want to keep growing in Europe and out of it, especially in the Middle East and Asia. We wish to offer our clients the Spanish quality and service that makes us stand out.

“We want to keep standing out, working hard, improving day-by-day and offering our clients the best quality and service.”