Enhanced Dynaplus super-strong decking screw revealed

The Dynaplus® decking screw has been improved with the addition of an extra piece of thread just below the screw head, which holds the decking board even more securely.

The revamp means that the screw is less likely to work its way up out of the wood when the wooden boards start 'working' (shrinking and expanding), says the brand.

The standard features of the Dynaplus decking screw remain in place too. It is described as a super strong screw made of hardened steel. It is flexible and bendable up to 90 degrees, in order to prevent breaking during screwing if the wood starts shrinking and expanding.

The integrated lubricant in the AR coating makes for super-easy screw-in, and the extra-large and deep TX-drive also makes screwing very easy. The bronze-coloured anti-corrosion coating provides good corrosion resistance, and the colour and small head make them blend in with wooden boards.

There's also a special new Dynaplus step drill. This staircase drill is an exact contra-shape of the Dynaplus decking screw. It allows end users to drill the optimum screw hole in the floor board for a super fine and tight end result.

Dynaplus features include:

  • Amongst the strongest decking screws in the market
  • Reportedly twice as strong as stainless steel
  • No problems with breaking when driving in the screw
  • Corrosion resistant thanks to Anti-Rust coating.
  • Special drill point with cutting edge.

There is more information available from www.hoenderdaal-fasteners.nl