Spectre launch Decking Screws and Wood Screw Trade Pack

Spectre’s range of Advanced Wood Screws, Timber Fixing Screws, Holesaws and Screwdriver Bits has two new additions.

Firstly, Spectre’s Advanced Decking Screws feature a 1,000 Hour Anti Corrosion coating and offer outstanding performance for the price. The green screws come in standard decking screw sizes and are available in bulk sizes, including boxes and refillable tubs.

The second addition to the Spectre range is a Wood Screw Trade Pack. Filled with 1,800 Spectre Advanced Wood Screws, professionals can keep the Trade Pack in their van or out on site.

“The range was specifically designed to offer exceptional value for money and make the tradesperson’s life just that little bit easier. These two new additions to the Spectre range certainly keep that promise,” explains Brian Trevaskiss, Spectre’s Marketing Manager.