ZAGO Launches German and Italian Websites

ZAGO Manufacturing Co., the manufacturer of high-tech sealing fasteners and switch boots, has launched two new websites catering to the Italian and German markets.

The Italian website,, and the German website,, signify ZAGO's commitment to provide a seamless and localised digital experience for its international customers. The websites feature ZAGO's product portfolio on its homepage, where visitors can access product specifications and build their custom or standard ZAGO sealing fasteners (metric sizes) and switch boots online.

By launching dedicated websites in Italian and German, ZAGO aims to enhance accessibility and engagement for customers who prefer to interact with the company in their native languages.

"As ZAGO continues to expand its global footprint, the launch of the Italian and German websites underscores our dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and a forward-looking approach in the dynamic, digitalised world of manufacturing," says Gail Friedberg Rottenstrich, co-founder and CEO of ZAGO.

ZAGO invites customers, partners, and industry professionals in Italy and Germany to explore the new websites and discover the range of solutions that ZAGO Manufacturing Co. offers. The company is excited about the opportunity to strengthen its presence in these markets and looks forward to engaging with a broader audience.