WIFI 2022 Award Recipients

Women in the Fastener Industry Association would like to congratulate this year’s award recipients - Jackie Luciano of Zago Manufacturing, Itzela Vasquez of Stock’d Supply, and Tom Massar of American Fastener Journal for their contributions to the fastener industry.  Sponsored and organised by Women in the Fastener Industry, the recipients of these awards are celebrated for the continuous contributions to promote and support women within the fastener industry.

Woman of the Year is an award that recognises exemplary leadership and success in the fastener industry. The recipient will have a long and distinguished record of advocacy for the professional advancement of women. Congratulations 2022 Woman of the Year – Jackie Luciano from Zago Manufacturing.

It was truly an honour to receive this award!  Thank you so much to WIFI for their continued support and for giving exposure to women in manufacturing. WE are definitely changing the industry!” said Luciano.  

Woman in Business is defined as a champion and advocate who contributes and supports her own organisation and community by sharing knowledge, ideas, insights, and strength. They are women who are dedicated to empowering more women to achieve full potential in all aspects of life.  Congratulations 2022 Woman in Business – Itzela Vasquez, from Stock’d Supply.

“Thank you WIFI, I am immensely grateful to belong to such an outstanding association and honoured to receive this special award from you,” commented Vasquez. “There are so many women in our industry I look up to and respect, my biggest appreciation goes to you, our fellow WIFI members, who have worked hard over the years to strive to make a difference. Thank you! I am delighted and consider myself lucky to be part of WIFI.

Man Up may be awarded to an individual male or a company that has demonstrated a commitment to supporting women and the WIFI organisation. The recipient is a partner that provides tools and resources that empower the women in their organisation or industry. Congratulations this year goes to Tom Massar from American Fastener Journal who said, “I’m honoured to receive this award and happy to support all the great things WIFI does for the fastener industry. It’s funny because I have two daughters and they said you’re one of us now dad.”

For more information about WIFI, or to apply for our 2023 awards, visit www.fastenerwomen.com