Stahlwille Calibration Webinar

Stahlwille are offering a live calibration webinar on November 14 and 15 where participants can learn the basic and technical knowledge to plan and perform calibrations of torque tools.

The webinar, “Calibration as a Method for Capability Certification” will be held in four languages, English, Spanish, German and Dutch, and registration is free of charge.

Technical Sales Manager, Chris Rose, will take participants through the topic in English. Chris has 15 years’ experience working with customers on the establishment of new or updating of existing torque calibration laboratories and test facilities, advising on the most suitable equipment, and supporting them with compliance to ISO 6789 standards.

Other technical experts will conduct webinars in Spanish, German and Dutch over the two days.

The webinar will cover the 2017 revision of ISO 6789, the differences between ISO 6789-1 and 6789-2, the advantages of in-house calibration and many other aspects that speak for calibration as a method for capability certification.

Employees from industrial companies, quality management/assurance, and production managers who use torque tools and want to learn more about calibration as a method for capability certification are invited to attend.

Registration is free of charge.  

14.11.2023 – 2:30 pm (Europe/Berlin) – English – Chris Rose:

14.11.2021 – 10am (Europe/Berlin) – Spanish – Carlos Pulido:

14.11.2023 – 1pm (Europe/Berlin) – German – Jörg Noé:

15.11.2023 – 1pm (Europe/Berlin) – Dutch – Guido Torrekens and Rob Bogers: