Panasonic release AccuPulse 4.0 Transducerized HT

Panasonic has released its new transducerized mechanical pulse tool, that offers high torque and advanced technology to maintain accuracy and consistency.

The AccuPulse® 4.0 Transducerized HT is feature-packed for advanced precision fastening with four onboard microcomputers, a built-in transducer and intelligently-managed torque sensing that helps manufacturers improve quality and motor control, accuracy, and data collection on the assembly line. Its reactionless ergonomics provide freedom of movement, error proofing and two-way wireless communication. It also delivers fastening accuracy and quality manufacturing to the next level while fostering a healthier and safer work environment.

“As manufacturers place greater importance on data to improve efficiencies and quality control, AccuPulse 4.0 Transducerized HT delivers an Industry 4.0-ready pulse tool that meets the engineering requirements of today’s smart factories,” said Aziz Lokhandwala, Senior Product Manager, Assembly Tools at Panasonic Eco Systems North America. “The AccuPulse 4.0 Transducerized HT was specifically designed for higher quality, better plant safety and greater efficiencies at a lower cost of ownership. Our exclusive algorithm enables this smart tool to learn joints and overcome difficult applications to maintain accuracy and consistency.”

For more information about Panasonic AccuPulse® 4.0 mechanical pulse tools, click here.