Litheli's next generation of Power Tools

Litheli, innovator of new energy power and tools, made its appearance on the opening day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, USA, showcasing its INFINITY POWER SHARE(IPS) model to attendees.

Litheli showcased the latest advancements in its INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS), including the IPS MODULAR POWER STATION and the U4 and U20 series of battery-powered tools. The company demonstrated its commitment to making power more flexible, tools easier to use through ongoing technological innovation and product enhancement.

In addition to showcasing its products, Litheli also focused on their advocated energy integrated solutions, encompassing power generation, storage, interchangeability, and usage. They demonstrated how the solution, especially through the IPS MODULAR POWER STATION, apply in various scenarios, particularly in home settings. This highlights Litheli's role as an innovator of new energy power and tools, safeguarding energy usage for the new generation of households.

"As the overseer of Litheli's overseas markets, I am greatly encouraged by our brand's potential in North America. With our innovative INFINITY POWER SHARE (IPS) model, we are not only bringing cutting-edge power tools to North American households but also contributing to a sustainable future. At Litheli, we believe USE MORE, TAKE LESS, which represents our social value and environmental philosophy " stated Litheli's brand co-founder, Steve Li, at the event.