Stafa unveils new Kanban service

12 months in the making, the Netherlands-headquartered global supplier of fasteners has been developing a brand new Kanban service to keep customers stocked when it matters...

The last year Stafa has been very busy developing and fine-tuning its new Kanban / Two-Bin solution. Of course, a logistic solution like this needs to be streamlined to perfection to make sure the process is as efficient as possible. Efficiency is key in the firm’s new service.

By using a state-of-the-art RFID scanner, Stafa customers will be able to order new stock instantly. The RFID scanner detects empty bins. These items are ordered and delivered within an agreed timeframe.

The display in the RFID panel informs customers about the complete ordering process. From ordering to shipping, the touchscreen shows all different statuses of the ordered products which is extra valuable information on the workfloor. Of course, this information is also available via an online portal (PC, tablet, mobile with Android). 

The essence of the new Kanban service is to make sure Stafa’s customers are never out of stock when producing products, machinery or other equipment. This smart solution saves time, money and improves the workflow significantly. A unique feature is the fact that Kanban-system includes a large touchscreen which makes it possible for the employees in the warehouse to see all necessary information instantly. The screen is connected to an online portal which can also be accessed at the office via a web browser. This way the purchasing department also has insight in the whole process. To make sure that the delivery is always just-in-time, Stafa can set a specific delivery day/time which suits the customer. This way a customer always knows when he or she can expect their new supply of screws, nuts, bolts, threaded rods or other types of fasteners.

Stafa says: “Our new Kanban service will be launched under a brand new name within the coming weeks. Multiple existing Dutch customers will adopt our service immediately. Are you interested in our new service? Feel free to contact Chris Körver (Manager Supply Systems) via or contact us via telephone on: +31 (0)495 599 888.”

This article originally appeared in the November-December 2021 issue of Torque Magazine. Read the magazine in its entirety online or subscribe today.