INDEX expands fixings for solar panels and ETICs in new catalogue

INDEX has launched its New General Catalogue, made up of more than 7,00 products, new ranges and extensions in approvals.

Fixings for ETICS

Among the most notable new products are the new range of fixings for ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems). This range is made up of fixings and accessories such as the AIS plug (available in polyamide and metal), rosette, rosette for use with screw, metallic plug, washer for metallic plug, and spiral fixing for installation of lightweight elements on the synthetic insulation material.

The ETICS system reduces the emission of pollutant gases, contributing to protecting the environment while reducing the need for heating and/or refrigeration. This offers continuous energy savings throughout the year, facilitating a stable temperature in the home throughout the year.

Fixings for photovoltaic panels

In parallel, the installation and fixing system for photovoltaic panels is the complete solution for all types of solar panel installations on roofs. The company offers:

  • Clamps and gauges for assembling panels.
  • Profiles, junctions, guides and joints for support structures.
  • Connectors and accessories for assembling solar structures.
  • Triangles for installing solar panels.
  • Adjustable accessories for installing solar panels.
  • Direct fastening accessories for installing solar panels.
  • Watertightness accessories for installing solar panels.
  • Kits for solar installations.

Quality: a firm commitment

INDEX has continued with the certification and type approval of its products, consolidating its commitment to offering products with the highest quality standards. In the new catalogue, new products with type approvals have been added, and products have been certified.

You can download the catalogue by clicking here.