Extended range for ResiTHERM®

The high demand for ResiTHERM® 16 since its April 2022 launch has shown that the ETA-approved distance mounting system for ETICS insulated facades has struck a chord. And now the range is being expanded with the new ResiTHERM® 12.

Thermal insulation on façades is becoming increasingly relevant in view of rising gas and heating costs. Thanks to its thermal separation module, ResiTHERM® 16 enables effective thermal separation when mounting heavy loads, such as canopies, awnings, French balconies, air conditioning units or satellite dishes, on the external insulation without thermal bridges.

In addition, the product can be used universally. Regardless of whether the insulated façades are made of concrete, solid and perforated bricks, aerated concrete or sand-lime bricks, energy efficiency is maintained. With ResiTHERM® 16 you can bridge insulation thicknesses of up to 300 mm on concrete or 250 mm on perforated brick masonry. The high-quality glass fibre-reinforced black separating module made of polyamide provides the necessary stability.

The new ResiTHERM® 12 distance mounting system differs from ResiTHERM® 16 in the diameter of the M12 threaded rod located in the insulation and wall. The smaller drill hole diameter in solid building materials will additionally shorten the installation time. Both products are ETA-approved.

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