HEICO wins Best of Industry Award's Connection Technology prize

HEICO Group prevailed against the competition with its innovative bolt locking device in the Vogel Communications Group’s annual Best of Industry Award 2023.

Nominated in the category ‘Connection Technology’, the German company competed in the award with its HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers for the sustainable securing of bolted joints.

For eight years, the Vogel Communications Group has been honouring new and innovative product developments in 24 different categories. Companies who take part in the award will face the demanding jury with their products – the specialists and users in the industry. Over a period of five months, people from the industry were allowed to vote for the nominated products of the nominees.

Whoever received the most votes for their product wins the award in their category and can righty claim to be among the best in the industry and the HEICO Group took on the challenge to be recognised in these prestigious awards.

As a manufacturer of bolt locking and pre-tensioning systems, the company competed in the ‘Connection Technology’ category with its HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers. The innovative HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers effectively and sustainably secure bolted joints against self-loosening. Based on the wedge locking principle, the 2-washer locking system prevents bolts from loosening due to vibrations and dynamic loads. Small tabs on the plastic inner ring of the washers enable them to be easily attached to any conventional bolt and thus prevent washers from slipping off the bolt shaft. This allows the user to pre-assemble bolts and bolt locking device and thus have both hands free for the correct assembly of the components. A significant advantage, particularly in difficult installation situations.

This ease of use, and fact that the HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers can be combined with any type of bolt, apparently also convinced the industry. In the online voting which ended on 30 October 2023, HEICO reached the final of the competition.

The celebratory award ceremony, to which the top three companies in each category were invited, took place on 7 December 2023, at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg.

The award for the best product development in the category ‘Connection Technology’ was gratefully received by Jan Bernd Heimann, CEO of the HEICO Group who attended the ceremony together with Tobias Grobe, Head of Sales & Marketing and Frank Lutter, Head of the R & D Department. On accepting the award Mr. Heimann said: “We would like to thank everyone who voted for our HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers. However, my special thanks go to our employees, who work day after day with a high motivation and a great spirit of innovation to develop and manufacture our products. This award not only recognises an innovation but is also an appreciation of a strong team behind a strong product.”