FOCUS: HEICO Benelux on delivering technical support for distributors

BENELUX FOCUS: HEICO Benelux BV is the subsidiary of the HEICO Group, taking care of the Benelux market. With a warehouse located in Groningen, a team of three is responsible for the sales and logistics of the HEICO product portfolio. HEICO Benelux picks up the story...

"We are mainly focused on the HEICO‐LOCK® Wedge Locking Systems and the HEICO‐TEC® Tensioning Systems. Our products are offered by nearly all technical distributors in the Benelux, from the big internationals to the local family businesses. We collaborate with our dealers on the technical support and offer the services of our in‐house test lab towards the end‐users of our products. Due to our decentralised warehouse, we can guarantee a delivery within 24 hours to our distributor or in case of emergency, directly to the end‐user. With this collaboration we directly offer our technical expertise to our end‐users.

We recognise the Benelux as a distributor‐ orientated market, meaning that end‐users are seeking for one‐stop solutions on their supply chains. As both HEICO‐LOCK and HEICO‐TEC are products where the benefits and application need to be explained, we often consult the end‐users in close cooperation with our distributors. If our system appears to be the solution for the fastening challenge of the end‐user, normally the logistics are handled by our dealers. By operating like this, we build up a broad customer base. Both OEM and MRO from offshore to toddler toys and from renewable energy to agricultural machinery take advantage of the benefits of our products.


"Over the past seven years, HEICO Benelux BV has shown strong and steady growth, after being founded in 2014 and we see this trend continuing today. Despite the current pandemic, 2021 is developing into another successful year. Entering the Benelux market seven years ago, our job was to build our brand awareness and show we are a partner to our distributors and end‐users, passionately focused on solving the problems they face with their bolted joints. Nowadays, we can claim that we earned our position and we have shown to be a reliable and state‐of‐the‐art partner to our customers.

To be able to serve our customers in the future with the same high service level we are known for, we expanded our team in the Benelux last year. René Smits is handling internal processes, including order intake, logistics and finance at our Benelux warehouse in Groningen. Johan Sikkema is responsible for the outside sales and technical support in the Netherlands. Eric Baes is responsible for the Belgium and Luxembourg market.

Looking to the near future, we are happy to see that exhibitions are opening their doors again so we can meet each other in person. HEICO Benelux BV participated in MatExpo in Kortrijk and will appear at Euro‐port in Rotterdam and Recycling in Gorinchem. If you would like to get to know our products and team, we would love to invite you to one of these exhibitions. Or you can of course contact our office for more info."

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