Dual CEOs for Optimas

Optimas Solutions has announced the promotion of two Presidents to dual CEOs. By elevating Mike Tuffy to CEO, International, and Daniel Harms to CEO, Americas, the pair will be given more autonomy to continue the successful transformation of the company. The decision to implement a dual-CEO structure evolves the organisational model established in 2020 with autonomous, yet connected, business units.

“This promotion is recognition for how much Optimas, under the leadership of Mike and Daniel, has accomplished over the past year,” said AIP Partner Tim Horgan. “Their leadership, partnership, and results have exceeded expectations.”

While both regions have their own goals and objectives, Optimas continues to activate learnings and efficiencies gained over the past 2.5 years to better align new and existing services to customer and supply partner needs.

 “The past year has been a great journey for Optimas,” said Harms and Tuffy. “We both share a deep belief in this dual-CEO structure and the positive momentum Optimas has gained in the last year is real. Feedback from customers, prospects and teammates around the globe is positive and tells us we’re on the right track.”