Dresselhaus Group leadership changes

There has been a change in the previous dual leadership of the Dresselhaus Group with Markus Schörg, operating as CEO since July 1, 2022, where he has been solely responsible for the business of the C-parts specialist. With this change, Dresselhaus returns to an organisation structure with only one manager at the top. 

As part of the restructuring and realignment of the company, Dresselhaus opted for dual leadership in view of the challenges ahead. Markus Schörg joined Dresselhaus as Co-CEO on March 1, 2021. He took over the areas of sales, marketing and digital business. Purchasing was added to Schörg's department in July 2022, and since then he has also been the sole CEO and managing director.

Markus Schörg was born in Austria and before joining Dresselhaus he held senior management positions at various companies, most recently at Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG and the Würth Group. 

Showing personal responsibility, being a role model and tackling things that seem difficult together - these are topics that are of great importance to Markus Schörg and for which he would like to inspire his employees in the future: "I always motivated the entire team at Dresselhaus immensely, committed and open-minded. With the typical Dresselhaus virtues and our customers in focus, together we will be able to continue on the successful course we have embarked on again.”