BHETA to host Windsor Framework webinar

BHETA is to hold another webinar on international trade. This one will look specifically at the ramifications of the Windsor Framework and what it means for all suppliers engaged in export or import trading. The event takes place on May 25 at 2.30 pm and the key speakers are Steve Berry, Partner and Director and Tim Hiscock, International Trade Advisor from Strong and Herd LLP.

Discussion will cover:

  • Post-Brexit Trade with the EU – Import and Export compliance requirements.
  • Declaring Exports and Imports to Customs – CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) and the transition to CDS (Customs Declaration Service)
  • Trade with Northern Ireland and the Windsor Framework

They will also take questions from delegates.

Formed in 1995, Strong & Herd™ LLP is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for international trade queries, export and/or import training, export support, and customs compliance requirements.

The event is for BHETA members. Non-members who are interested in experiencing a BHETA event and are thinking of joining the association, are also welcome to have a ‘taster session’, on the condition they are happy to have a membership chat with the relevant sector manager.

BHETA’s Marketing Manager, Steve Richardson commented, “Strong & Herd is one of BHETA’s business services providers and is an excellent source of information and advice on all aspects of international trade.”

To register for the event, please contact Reena in BHETA Member Services on or follow the link on