Atlas Copco broadens calibration capability

Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly Solutions has received a unique landmark approval from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for the calibration of electrically powered assembly tools, both at its dedicated calibration facility in Wolverhampton and at customer manufacturing sites. Atlas Copco is the first and currently, only company, to have secured this type of UKAS accreditation.

The expanded scope of Atlas Copco’s UKAS calibration accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 enables the industrial tool manufacturer to provide calibrations for electrically powered and controlled torque devices from just 0.2N·m up to 2000N·m.

In 2022, Atlas Copco became the first and only organisation in the UK accredited to UKAS (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) to provide on-site calibration for measuring both the torque (to BS EN 7882:2017) and crucially, angle parameters (to VDI/VDE2648-1), for torque transducers up to 1400N·m and 360 degrees respectively. Additionally, Atlas Copco secured accreditation for the on-site calibration of torque wrenches (to BS EN ISO 6789-2:2017) up to 1500N·m.

The wide torque range covered by the additional UKAS accreditation includes the full portfolio of Atlas Copco electric assembly tools and any other tightening tools that are electrically powered and electronically torque controlled. These include Micro Torque screwdrivers for low-torque applications such as electronics, cordless Tensor IxB assembly tools with integrated digital controllers for industrial assembly and vehicle production and SRB HA smart battery nutrunners that provide traceable high torque bolt tightening, for critical applications in the energy sector.

Approval from UKAS to provide on-site calibration allows a customer’s electric tools to be calibrated by Atlas Copco at their location, as a flexible alternative to sending the tools to a laboratory. Providing a cost-efficient and more sustainable solution for unscheduled calibration, this approach saves on production downtime, packaging and logistics, as well as the need for reserve tools. 

Commenting on the new accreditation, Nicolas Van Zyl, Atlas Copco’s UK Calibration Manager, said: “Expanding the scope of our UKAS accreditation to include the calibration of electrically powered tightening tools and the related benefits in terms of cost savings, reduced downtime and quality assurance, reflects our focus on forging strategic partnerships with customers in the journey to the Smart Factory.

“Calibration is a key component of Atlas Copco’s ‘Smart Integrated Assembly’ concept, ensuring the accuracy and process reliability of assembly tools.  Providing UKAS accredited calibrations makes a real difference for manufacturers, allowing electric assembly tools to be quickly re-calibrated and put back to work on the production line straightaway.”

Atlas Copco has produced a free pocket guide to Calibration and Testing of Tightening Systems.