ToughBuilt joins British Safety Industry Federation

ToughBuilt has announced that it is now a member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF). The company’s decision to join the BSIF reflects its commitment to advocate of improved standards, particularly of knee protection.

The company has a great understanding of the difference suitable knee protection can make in reducing the devastating personal and financial effects of work-related knee injuries.

Matthew Handley, Head of Marketing at ToughBuilt (Europe), said: “It’s a simple statement of fact that the knee is one of the largest, most complicated and most vital joints in the human body. It plays a critical part in so many essential and everyday activities - from standing up and sitting down to jumping, running, walking and lifting.

“Despite this, utilising the correct protection for knees is all too often overlooked by both individuals and organisations. In reality, knee protection should be treated with the same importance in terms of PPE as protective head and eye wear or ear protection.”

Following ToughBuilt’s launch into the UK and Europe in 2019, the company’s knee pads have now been specified by a number of European customers. This includes the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Joining the BSIF is just the latest example of ToughBuilt’s commitment to workplace safety. The company also recently announced it will exhibit at this year’s Health & Safety Event which takes place from 7-9 September at the NEC, Birmingham.

Handley added: “All ToughBuilt products, our knee pads included, are designed and developed drawing on extensive market, customer and scientific research. As a result, we are acutely aware of the risks posed to people’s knees by various industrial, construction and other commercial activities.”

“It’s this insight that drives our desire to raise awareness of knee pads as vital pieces of PPE. We are motivated not by financial gain but by a sense of moral responsibility and by a duty of care.”

“We are delighted to become a member of the BSIF as this will prove invaluable in helping ToughBuilt to connect with likeminded partners and also in ensuring we can communicate an important health and safety message to the widest possible audience,” he said.

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