The Bossard Group reaches Q3 sales record

The Bossard Group have announced that it has reached another new sales record in the third quarter of 2021. Third quarter sales grew by 24.4 percent to CHF 249.5 million (previous year: CHF 200.6 million). In local currency, growth was 23.3 percent, driven by continued momentum in all three market regions.

In addition to the positive economic environment, the Group also benefited from consistently high delivery capability to its customers and from further strengthening of its market position.

In Europe, Bossard recorded growth of 23.5 percent to CHF 140.2 million (in local currency: +22.2 percent).The increased demand was supported by newly won customer projects in the focus industries of railway vehicle construction and medical technology.

Additionally, Sales in America increased by 16.7 percent to CHF 59.5 million (in local currency: +18.1 percent). In Asia, sales grew by 38.0 percent to CHF 49.8 million (in local currency: +33.2 percent).

Demand is expected to remain strong in the fourth quarter, although the purchasing managers indices signal that it may level off. The situation on the procurement market will likely remain tense in the fourth quarter.

By the end of the year, Bossard e/*xpects a further normalization of the growth rate as the economic recovery progresses and that the Group will meet its announced sales and result targets for the financial year 2021. The outlook for the full year remains subject to uncertainties and risks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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