Rivit offers riveting machines with Booster

To meet the need for rivets and rivet nuts with larger diameters than standard, Rivit offers riveting machines in the ‘B’ version with external hydro-pneumatic booster, capable of adjusting and exerting a higher pulling force.

Rivit, a company specialising in fastening solutions, offers two models of riveting machines with booster, the RIV511B and RIV916B, respectively designed for fastening structural rivets and rivet nuts. These two models meet the needs of sectors requiring a particularly strong fastening such as industrial bodywork, automotive, constructions, heavy carpentry and industrial applications in general.

RIV511B is designed for the installation of structural rivets such as Magnariv or Monriv with a diameter of 9.8mm, and Rivlock, Rivlockgrip and Rivblock with diameters up to 10mm and Bom® with diameters up to 8.0mm. These rivets are ideal for use on materials with minimum thickness and for assemblies requiring high strength. Thanks to the special compression deformation of the bushing, which forms a wide counter head on the riveted material, it is possible to ensure high shear and tensile strength as well as a wide tolerance of the hole diameter. Practical to use thanks to its light handle, this riveting machine is equipped with a box housing the oil tank and the booster which acts as a power amplifier. The RIV511B has a piston stroke of 32 mm and a pulling force at 6 bar of 40,000 N.

This riveting machine can also be used for the application of structural breakstem bolts that provide high mechanical strength and vibration resistance.

RIV916B is designed for fastening threaded rivet nuts from M8 to M20 and reaches a force of up to 80,000 N. Fully automatic and easy to handle, this riveting machine uses two adjustment systems - stroke and force -, allowing it to meet different application requirements. Stroke adjustment is ideal for fastening rivet nuts, even with different hardnesses, even with the same dimensions, and guarantees repeatability of the application on constant thicknesses while force adjustment is preferable for variable fastening thicknesses. Finally, the RIV916B adapts with versatility to different application needs thanks to the possibility for the customer to choose the front header kit suited to his needs. The product is sold in a sturdy wooden case for safe transport and storage.