Stahlwille unveils new torque tools at Automechanika Frankfurt

Stahlwille has launched new products for vehicle workshops, including the Manoskop 730 Quick torque wrench and the new SmartCheck tester for torque wrenches.

The torquing tool and hand tool specialist launched the new lines - designed to simplify service work, increase efficiency and speed up day-to-day work processes - at Frankfurt's Automechanika last month.

Manoskop 730 Quick is a high-efficiency, versatile and user-friendly workshop torque wrench with a broad measuring range from 6–650 N·m and three different square drives for insert tools. Owing to its hardwearing, springless measuring system, the often time-consuming reset to zero (necessary to relieve the spring) is no longer required after every tightening action. Changing the tools is also a simple, quick action thanks to QuickRelease, which guarantees that all the parts of the tool are reliably locked together – from the tool mount and extension through to the socket, said Stahlwille.

The accessibility of the locking lever used to unlock the slider has been improved and Stahlwille has redesigned the slider itself to give it an ergonomic shape which makes setting the target torque much faster and more accurate. And thirdly, with immediate effect, the twin Vernier scale (N·m/ft·lb and N·m/in·lb) has an integrated magnifying glass to improve readability, irrespective of the angle of sight. Even the adjustment points are easily accessible from outside, no disassembly of the torque wrench required.

SmartCheck torque wrench tester
The SmartCheck is a tester for torque wrenches, boasting compact dimensions and the flexibility to be set up horizontally or vertically. This is the first product developed jointly by Stahlwille with the US enterprise Jetco, which has been a member of the Stahlwille Group since last year. SmartCheck quickly provides information on whether or not a torque wrench is still within the prescribed tolerances or whether it requires adjustment. The unit offers the three usual operating modes and the opportunity to set target torque and tolerances freely. As an additional flexibility feature, the unit can also be operated on batteries. It is available for four measuring ranges from 1–800 N·m.

Stahlwille offers workshops and for the automotive sector a torque wrench with quickly interchangeable insert tools for "any conceivable industrial application" up to 1,000 N·m. The target torque is set on the MANOSKOP 730 Fix quickly and accurately using the QuickSelect single-handed rapid adjustment button in the end of the handle. Once the torque has been set, the setting knob can be removed, cleverly preventing any potential inadvertent missetting of the torque. A Torx safety plug is available to seal off the setting knob thread. In addition, the read-off scales can be concealed using adhesive seals supplied with the tool.

Finally, the Sensotork 701 is an electronic torque wrench for low torques in a range from 1–20 N·m, as used to an increasing extent in cars with such new materials as carbon, magnesium and aluminium. SENSOTORK 701 is compact, slim and light and has a permanently installed fine-tooth ratchet for clockwise and anticlockwise use, whose teeth generate a particularly small ratchet angle of only 4.5°, making accurate work possible in even very confined spaces. The easy-to-read display of the SENSOTORK 701 shows torques to an accuracy of only ±4% and its operation is intuitive.