SPOTLIGHT: Owlett-Jaton on growth, investment & development in 2021

The challenges faced by businesses operating within the fastener and fixings industry over the past 12 months have been widely reported. Owlett-Jaton, the UK’s largest fastener and fixings wholesaler, has been no exception. Nevertheless, 2021 has been a year of growth, investment, development and future planning for the leading supplier, as it explains here...

Keeping up with the demands of the marketplace and industry developments is something that Owlett-Jaton prides itself on. Through continuous development, its product portfolio continues to grow year-on-year. In the last 12 months alone it has introduced hundreds of products to their range.

The year started with a milestone, with JCP, the specialist fixings division of Owlett-Jaton, celebrating its 20th birthday. Established in 2001, JCP has grown in stature with an ever-increasing range of high-quality fixing products, backed up by extensive technical support. With record sales, it is now one of the UK’s largest fixings brands. Additions to the JCP fixings range have included large ranges of stainless steel throughbolts and heavy-duty anchors, as well as a market-leading ETA certificated fire stop system comprising a silicone sealant/adhesive and expanding foam.

Owlett-Jaton’s newest brand, Jaton Riveting Products (JRP) has also seen record sales. 2021 saw a major expansion to the range with new lines added to the structural and specialist ranges, including bulb and hem structural rivets and load spread with washer specialist rivets. JRP also introduced a range of black and white dome head and coloured multigrip rivets, all of which have proved to be hugely popular with both new and existing customers. New products to expand the range even further are on the way, and customers can expect to see more exciting additions throughout 2022.

Owlett-Jaton's new trading website

March 2021 saw the launch of its brand new trading website Following significant investment and development, the website has been embraced by customers, with web sales growing by over 50%. Consolidating several websites into one platform, the website features an online catalogue of over 17,000 stocked products and provides even more product information than ever before. With continuous development planned for the site, customers can expect to see new features, improved product information and additional products throughout 2022.

The new website came at just the right time too. As the industry started to adapt to a new way of working, distributors and merchants who were notoriously traditional in their trading methods began to look to their own digital presence, and Owlett-Jaton were pleased to support their changing strategies. The production of thirteen installation videos for some of the most popular JCP products has proven invaluable. Sharing these videos with their customers has meant that distributors can support their customers, and end-users have the guidance needed to ensure correct installation.

Health and safety, wellbeing and employee satisfaction always tops the agenda for Owlett-Jaton. Investing in its workforce through training and development, workplace improvements, and other initiatives has remained a priority, even through the pandemic. In October, it welcomed its employees into a brand new purpose-built welfare area and locker rooms. The additional space and new facilities allow for improved comfort at break times and can accommodate up to sixty-five people whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

As we all start to look towards a New Year, Owlett-Jaton continues to have a positive outlook. In 2022, it celebrates a special milestone, its 75th anniversary, and plans to do it in style. Keep an eye out for lots of exciting developments coming soon!