Samac adds new range of Performance Plus TORX head screws

Samac has added a new range of fast, precision Performance Plus TORX head screws to its Performance Range.

The brand says the new launch offers improved drive, reduced cam out and stripping, and easier driving alignment. Six points of contact maximise transmission of torque when driving the screw and the range is easy to align, more precise and designed to combine fast and easy use.

Like all of Samac’s Performance Range screws, the new Torx head version has been designed from tip to head with features intended to make it easy, quick, and reliable to use on site. A specially-designed milling thread positioned above the standard course thread will help prevent wood splitting while six self-countersinking ribs on the underside of the head ensures a consistently neat, flush finish. The thread is partially serrated, giving the screw a combined sawing and cutting action for smooth and efficient driving, while the type 17 cut point improves drive and reduces splitting without the need for pre-drilling.

The high contact Torx head design means that less pressure is required to keep the screwdriver tip in the head recess, drastically reducing the chances of cam out. Because the transmission of the driving force is radial rather than axial, less driving force is needed, making them easier to drive by hand or giving more fixings per battery charge.

The new Performance Plus TORX head screws will be available in a wide variety of sizes up to 300mm in 8mm gauge to tackle demanding jobs like structural timber projects, roofing and timber frame building. Every box comes with a free Torx bit. The Samac Performance Plus TORX Head Screw is available from builders, timber and roofing merchants. Users can call Samac on 01268 764488 to find their nearest stockist.

Established since 2004, Samac supplies builders, timber, roofing & fencing merchants with a comprehensive range of products that is now so much more than the nails for which the company first became known.