Roughneck's new bolt cutters offer 'best of both worlds'

Olympia Tools has launched new Professional Bolt Cutters under its Roughneck brand.

Pitched as providing 'the best of both worlds', the Professional Bolt Cutters are lightweight, easy to carry and easy to use yet still remarkably heavy duty, the brand said. They can cut through chains, padlocks, bolts, nuts, rods, wire mesh and many other materials.

The Bolt Cutters feature jaws made from chrome molybdenum rather than more commonplace and lower cost chrome vanadium or carbon steel. The use of this high-grade material ensures major advantages in terms of strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Major weight savings have been gained through hollow steel handles, as opposed to solid, without compromise on strength or performance, Roughneck said.

Further features include large double injected soft-grips for increased user comfort as well as jaws which are easily adjustable for quick realignment. A compound action is used to optimise leverage levels.

Olympia Tools said it focused on strong aesthetics to help builder’s merchants and other stockists enjoy strong sales. The Professional Bolt Cutters are available in five sizes – 350mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm and 900mm.

Vahe Der Kureghian, Purchasing and Marketing Director at Olympia Tools, said: “As a brand, Roughneck has become synonymous with innovative hand tools that help to simplify or speed up common trade and DIY tasks.

“Our new Roughneck Professional Bolt Cutters will only add to that reputation. They have been specifically designed and expertly engineered to offer users a new and better choice.”

Roughneck is owned by USA-based Olympia Tools. Olympia has offices and showrooms in the UK in Reading.