Reyher opens €30 million double-decker high-bay warehouse

Distributor REYHER has now officially opened its new high-bay double-decker warehouse.
For the first time, a 42 metre high new building was constructed with two warehouse blocks, one above the other. REYHER celebrated the launch of this technical and logistical feat with 100 guests at a special 'Double-decker logistics' opening event.
“With the building of the new double-level high-bay warehouse, and integrated office building, we have made the largest single investment in company history,” explained REYHER CEO Dr. Peter Bielert. “More than 30 million euros have gone into this project.”
REYHER worked closely with intra-logistics service provider SSI Schäfer on the project, which makes use of the limited space the firm has at its inner-city location. Boosting the efficiency of the site, the warehouse has seen the number of pallet bays rocket from 60,000 to 100,000, with picking and packing capacity from the pallet store increased by a further 30%.
“I personally know of no comparable project in the market, with such high dynamism and complexity,” said Rudolf Keller, CEO, SSI Schäfer, Reyher's long-term logistics partner, at the opening ceremony.
In his welcome address, Volker Tschirch, CEO of AGA, the employers’ association, said: "Two high-bay racks one on top of the other is a unique set up." He also thanked REYHER for the active long-term role it has played in the association and emphasised the company’s involvement in initial and in-company training. Prof. Dr. Peer Witten, chairman of Hamburg Logistics initiative also expressed congratulations for this impressive piece of logistics in the heart of Hamburg, with particular reference to the multi-storey facility.
Finally, in his keynote speech Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kersten, from the TU Hamburg-Harburg, pointed out ‘trends and strategies in logistics’ that companies should take note of in our digital times. Alongside establishing completely new professions such as data scientists, it is important to develop the right digital business models: “We have had intensive cooperation with REYHER for many years. The company is permanently developing innovation and is, as far as logistics is concerned, best placed for the future.”
There's more from REYHER in the June 2018 edition of Torque Magazine.