Perry launches new reusable Twistie

The Twistie is a new product from A Perry - an extremely durable, very bendy, steel core strip coated in bright blue plastic.

Coming in three lengths (15, 45 and 80cm), the Twisties are packaged onto attractive retail display cards in two sizes. One has 4 x 45cm Twisties and the larger has a set of 2 x 15cm, 2 x 45cm and 2 x 80cm Twisties. Perry also offers a handy Merchandising strip.

“Hand on heart, I can honestly say the Twisties are one of the only products which the term Multi-Functional is an accurate and true description," enthused Ian Dunnaker.

“At one of our new product development meetings, I literally threw a bunch of Twisties onto the table and said ‘tell me what these are for’. Climbing, camping, storage, securing, safety, bundling, gardening, DIY, sealing, closing, tie-ing, cables, bunching – the ideas poured from the team!”

“The great thing about Twisties is the fact you can twist them, tie them and reuse them. They are light, take up minimal space and are extremely durable” he said.

These bendable binders are ultra-lightweight, safe, durable and for both indoors and out. They can be used to secure ladders or bicycles, bind hoses in the garden, bundle anything you like, they are a useful substitute for rope or string. Secure garden tools, camping gear, and tie down loose ends!

They can be used for hanging, securing, tying, binding and more. Each Twistie can hold a static load up to 25kgs. Use the larger Twisties to wrap around a rafter to hang a bike in the garage, the smaller tie to bind up a garden hose for easy storage, attach two Twisties together to create the ultimate flexible fastener which can be used time and time again.

More user-friendly cable tie alternative

The big Twistie has many potential uses. The strong, plastic-coated steel strip is 80cm long and can be used for tying up a loose coil of rope, cable or wire, for tying up buckets and tarpaulins.

Pitched as a more user friendly alternative to cable ties or twine, which have to be cut free with scissors or a knife, these extremely flexible yet strong twist ties offer a convenient means to grip and secure items firmly in place. Being coated in rubberised plastic they also protect from scratching the items being secured. The medium (45cm) and small (15cm) Twisties are great for the cords and cables such as hair dryers, iron, power cords, etc. you use every day. They are great to keep in and around the workplace, office and home and in countless other places where things need to be secured and organised, Perry said.

Ian Dunnaker said he believes their popularity stems from their considerable versatility. He commented that there is not one desk across the company which doesn’t have a Twistie, moulded or twisted into a hook, hanger or mobile phone support: “Not only are they going down a storm with our distributors but because people are always twisting or playing with them in their hands we have a stress-free office as well!”

Other recent launches from A Perry include Industrial Wipes. Earlier this year, A Perry expanded with a new £3.5 million facility.