Nupla Tools unveils new look at STAFDA Convention, Atlanta

Nupla has teased its new corporate identity at the recent STAFDA Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

The long-established brand has launched a new logo playing on the company's “Get the Stripe” messaging and a "strong brand presence for Nupla matching the strength and durability found in their products".

Nupla Corp will be rolling out the new brand image in the coming months.

Dan Harold, Nupla Director of Marketing & Sales, stated, “The Nupla brand and Nupla logo have been around for a long time. We needed to give them both a facelift without losing the identity of the brand in our current channels.”

Nupla is owned by QEP Co, a manufacturer of adhesives, flooring installation tools adhesives and more for professionals and DIYers. With over 7,000 products under different brand names the company sells through distribution as well as home improvement retailers.

There's more from Nupla on its Facebook pages.