Norton expands Quantum3 offering with LCG discs

Norton has expanded its Quantum3 offering with the addition of a range of light comfort grinding (LCG) discs for multiple applications.

The 3mm lightweight discs are faster, smoother and more precise than 7mm counterparts, a benefit for grinding in tight spaces, T-sections, corners and curves.

The new grinding discs remove light welds, burrs and excess material quickly and effectively, whilst maintaining speed, accuracy and comfort through reduced vibration.

According to Norton, the LCG discs are a cost-effective solution for smaller jobs that need extra precision, providing an alternative to flap and fibre discs. The enhanced performance of the disks means operator fatigue is minimised and product lifespan increased, as less pressure is required from users.

The self-sharpening shaped ceramic grains on each disc ensure a smooth glide through workpieces, removing metal quickly and accurately whilst giving off fewer vibrations. With an improved grain performance of 80%, the discs reduce machine maintenance, operator fatigue, metallurgical damage and improve part integrity. They can also be used with cordless angle grinders for hard-to-reach areas that mains and powered machines cannot get to.

When used on a cordless angle grinder, the Quantum3 LCG discs can remove up to 40% more material than traditional 7mm aluminium oxide grinding discs during one battery charge, says Norton. While a 7mm disc is ideal for tough and heavy grinding processes, the 3mm is ideal for smaller or more precise jobs.

LCG discs also require less machine power on start-up and during use, helping to preserve the battery life of powered grinders by up to 50%, the firm says.

Further information on the discs can be found here.