Lederer awarded 'Marketing Heroes' award by Marketing Club Südwestfalen

Lederer  has announced that it is one of seven companies that have been honoured as "Marketing Heroes" by the Marketing Club Südwestfalen.

The group was given the award due to its Work@Home incentive, a digital anniversary celebration with 500 guests, and an interactive 3D model of the entire company.

Dr. Ebbo Tücking, President of the Marketing Club Südwestfalen and jury member said: "Our award is about flexibility and the ability to go with the changes strengthened and on new ways. Lederer has implemented the new way of thinking impressively and exemplarily with the realized projects.”

At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, Lederer sent 400 employees, customers, partners and suppliers a thank-you gift: the Lederer Work@Home set with practical utensils for working from home.

The originally planned anniversary celebration with over 700 guests had to be cancelled at short notice due to the pandemic. Due to this, creative changes were made such as presenting the awards in a TV studio style with a presenter, interviews, live music, an award-winning chef, and guests.

Additionally, together with Werft 6, the new virtual reality was created in four days of shooting: More than a thousand measuring points thereby represent a complex picture of the company. Furthermore, a ten-language trailer was created to give visitors a four-minute impression of the possibilities of this technology.

Markus Gebehenne, Head of Marketing & eBusiness at Lederer said: "Corona has of course significantly reduced the number of personal visits to our site. That's why our new 3D model of the entire company is exactly the right way to give customers, partners, suppliers and applicants a really very realistic sense of space and show them our true size. We also wanted to create proximity."

"We are very pleased to receive this award. We are proud and happy to continue on our path innovatively and passionately despite the challenging times," he added.

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