Hexstone extends direct delivery service during Covid-19 pandemic

Fastener and fixing wholesaler Hexstone is continuing to remain open in support of customers with critical roles during the Covid-19 crisis. This includes the manufacture of medical equipment, maintaining transport, energy supply and utilities, construction of medical facilities and the conversion of hospital premises to support the NHS.

Operating through its Owlett-Jaton, JCP, STF and Icon trading divisions, the company has extended its direct delivery service to all customers to assist with deliveries during the crisis. This dedicated service aims to support distributors and retailers who have closed their counters by offering nationwide, next day deliveries, direct to customers.

As all non-essential activities have ceased, demand has reduced and consequently, changes to their operations, have been implemented. To minimise risks to personnel, they are maximising home working where possible, and have instituted an extensive furlough programme incorporating almost half of the workforce.

All lines of communication, including telephone, remain open. However, with reduced staffing levels, the ability to answer telephone calls may be diminished. The company is therefore encouraging customers where possible to get in contact via email or to use the trading websites. Account holders can order through the trading websites 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Owlett-Jaton and JCP -  Web: www.ojtrade.co.uk  Email: info@owlett-jaton.com

STF - Web: www.stftrade.co.uk Email: sales@stf-fasteners.co.uk

Icon - Web: www.icontrade.co.uk Email: icon@icon-fasteners.co.uk