Hafren is turning the screws on crime

Tapping into the growing need to safeguard against theft, vandalism and tampering, Hafren has a comprehensive range of vandal and tamper-resistant fixings and fasteners which have a varied range of uses.

Hafren's range of security fasteners also includes a wide range of time and labour-saving self-tapping, self-drilling and thread forming screws. The manufacturer offers an expansive range of self-tapping screws stocked as standard in A2 stainless steel; going from 2.9mm up to 6.3mm in diameter from as short as 13mm up to 100mm long. Hafren's self-tappers are available in all its most popular security drives from the 6-Lobe Pin to the more specialised and unique Solok™ range.

For fixing metal to metal, Hafren has also developed a range of self-drillers equipped with the 6-Lobe Pin security drive. Drilling tips provide a fast and easy application eliminating the need to pre-drill and the 6-Lobe Pin (pin Torx style drive) is great for higher torque applications.

The firm has also developed a specialised thread forming screw (Power6™) ideal for automotive and fencing applications. This tri-Lobular self-threading screw eliminates the need for nuts, reducing labour costs & installation time. The Power6™ Security Screws also feature a unique shaped 6-Lobe Pin drive, providing a higher level of security.

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