EDRA: "Suppliers and retailers must come together in this extremely difficult time"

As pressure mounts on the home improvement sector’s supply chain during Covid-19 lockdowns the world over, associations are appealing to retailers and manufacturers to collaborate and work together.

EDRA/GHIN and HIMA – representing the home improvement sector – said it was reminding all stakeholders that fair and constructive business partnerships are a necessity in these turbulent times.

In order to maintain a steady supply of goods to consumers globally, retailers and manufacturers must collaborate and work together to find practical solutions.

In a joint statement both John Herbert, General Secretary of EDRA/GHIN, and Ralf Rahmede, General Manager of HIMA, have highlighted that solutions that consider all parties have to be sought. Moreover, they are convinced that the home improvement industry should aim to reduce disruptions caused by COVID-19 as much as possible and act as an example to other industries.

John W. Herbert, General Secretary EDRA/GHIN, stated: “Our members around the world are confronting the impacts of COVID-19 through store closures, restricted opening hours and difficulty in keeping goods stocked, to name a few impacts. Suppliers and retailers must come together in this extremely difficult time.”

Ralf Rahmede, General Manager HIMA, said: “This is a challenging phase. Our members are working around the clock and pursuing all methods to ensure supply chain disruptions and bottlenecks are avoided. Working multilaterally is the best way to overcome any obstacles. We sincerely encourage everyone to stay fair with each other and to respect contractual agreements.”

You can read the joint statement on the importance of stable partnerships in the home improvement industry here.