Earnest Machine wins NorthCoast 99 award

Earnest Machine has announced that it has been awarded the NorthCoast 99 award for the 9th time in ten years.

This annual recognition program aims to honour 99 great Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent each year. Earnest also received special recognition as 2021’s NorthCoast winner for organizational strategy, policies, and benefits.

After being recognized as a top employer and as the winner of the organizational strategy, policies, and benefits, the company is taking pride in its unique organization structure. This is thanks to its flat structure, which gives everyone opportunities to get involved at each level and across departments.

The company has also won several other workplace recognitions in recent years, including Crain’s excellence awards in HR 2019 & 2020 and as a Smart Culture 2017 honouree.

Elise Bastian, Director of Culture and Talent Development said: “We recognize that it is our employees that make this, and all of our other successes, possible! Earnest employees are encouraged to engage and lead, which fosters our creative and passionate environment. We’re enthusiastic about employee wellness, fulfilment, and recognition – which is why awards like this mean so much to us!

“Just like our customers need good parts to make machines, we need great parts, people, to make the Earnest Machine. That’s why we focus so much on our work environment and culture.”

More information about Earnest’s culture and opportunities can be found at https://www.earnestmachine.com/careers

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