IN DETAIL: Europe's Anti-Dumping duties on fasteners from China

EFDA lays out which fasteners – and when – will be hit with an additional levy when imported from China to Europe, following the recent anti-dumping ruling...

18February 2022: The European Commission has now removed all doubt and fixed the date for the beginning of antidumping duties on iron and steel fasteners, exported from China to the European Union.

The Commission signalled it would impose duties at the end of last year, following an investigation. Hopes that the new levy would be imposed after current trade disruption had settled were dashed when the EC confirmed the start date would be 18 February 2022.

The European Fastener Distributor Association (EFDA) passed on these details:

The Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/191 of 16 February 2022 imposing a definitive antidumping duty on imports of certain iron and steel fasteners originating in the People’s Republic of China was published in the Official Journal of the EU.

The Implementing Regulation came into force 18 February 2022. This means that the antidumping duties are to be applied to imports entering the EU as of 18 February 2022.

The registration of imports is repealed, and no definitive antidumping duty will be levied retroactively for registered imports.

Product scope
According to Article 1, Section 1 of the Implementing Regulation, a definitive antidumping duty is imposed on imports of certain fasteners of iron or steel, other than of stainless steel, i.e. wood screws (excluding coach screws), selftapping screws, other screws and bolts with heads (whether or not with their nuts or washers, but excluding screws and bolts for fixing railway track construction material), and washers originating in the People’s Republic of China, currently classified under CN codes:
7318 12 90 7318 14 91 7318 14 99
7318 15 58 7318 15 68 7318 15 82
7318 15 88
ex 7318 15 95 (TARIC codes 7318 15 95 19 + 7318 15 95 89)
ex 7318 21 00 (TARIC codes 7318 21 00 31, 7318 21 00 39, 7318 21 00 95 + 7318 21 00 98)
ex 7318 22 00 (TARIC codes 7318 22 00 31, 7318 22 00 39, 7318 22 00 95 + 7318 22 00 98)

Duty rates
The duty rates reach up to 86.5% with reduced tariffs for a limited number of Chinese companies.

The rates of the definitive antidumping duty applicable to the net, free at Union frontier price, before duty, of the products manufactured by the companies listed below shall be as follows:

Jiangsu Yongyi Fastener Co., Ltd.: 22.1%
Ningbo Jinding Fastening Piece Co., Ltd.: 46.1%
Wenzhou Junhao Industry Co., Ltd: 48.8%
Other cooperating companies: 39.6%
All other companies: 86.5%

You find the list of the “other cooperating companies” in the Annex at the end of the Implementing Regulation (pages L36/93 – L36/96).
Thanks to EFDA.

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