Dremel launches accessory for its most popular corded Multi-tools

The new EZ Wrap tool holder from Dremel has been created for the brand's three most popular corded Multi-tools.

Featuring a dedicated area for attachments, the lightweight EZ Wrap tool holder comes as standard with the new corded 3000, 4000 and 4,200 Multi-tool EZ product kits.

A built-in cord channel means it is easy to wrap the cord around it and the holder itself can be wall mounted, while an on-board wrench and accessory storage section helps organise the tools. Each of Dremel's new EZ product kits comes with a spacious and sturdy storage case with a removable accessory tray.

The 3000 - 1/25 EZ product kit includes the solid case with removable tray, plus the corded Dremel 3000 Multi-tool complete with the EZ Wrap tool holder. Also bundled in are 25 accessories which allow users to go from cutting to trimming to polishing at speed, and a number of EZ SpeedClic accessories that click into place. The set also includes the high quality Dremel Flexible shaft for detailed work. A fan and side vents with ball bearing motor construction create a cool-running tool with low noise and vibration, even under high load, Dremel says. The kit costs around £71.99.

The 4000- 4/65 EZ product kit includes the high performance 4000 Multi-Tool with a 360° soft grip handle for greater maneuverability and an EZ Twist Nose Cap so no wrench is needed to change accessories. The rotary speed is fully variable and has a separate control to ensure precise use, whilst the high-performance motor with electronic feedback provides consistent, maximum force. Giving additional options for the more experienced hobbyist or DIYer, the 4000 – 4/65 EZ kit contains Dremel’s Flexible Shaft, Line & Circle Cutter, Detailer’s Grip and Shaping Platform attachments, alongside a further 65 original Dremel accessories. As with the 3000 EZ kit, the case, removable accessory tray and the EZ wrap tool holder feature as standard. This kit is priced at around £115.99.

For the enthusiast, the 4200 – 4/75 EZ kit includes the top of the range Dremel 4200 with variable speed control, electronic feedback and Dremel’s EZ Change fast accessory change system. Users can pull the side levers and swap the accessory as needed. Providing options for a wide range of jobs and crafts, the 4200 EZ kit includes a Cutting Guide, Line and Circle Cutter, Shaping Platform, Comfort Guard attachments and 75 accessories. The new EZ wrap tool holder, solid case and removable accessory tray feature as standard. The kit costs around £139.99.